• Hanna Garbos

  • Rafal Wieczorowsk

  • Klaudia Szczesna

Hanna Garbos

Miss World Bikini Fitness (IFBB Canada)

1ST - Polish Championships 2015

1ST - Polish Cup 2015

2ND - Amateur Mr. Olympia 2015

Since early childhood Hanna was involved with sports. She has been taking dance lessons for over thirteen years. After discovering her new passion - fitness, through the years she has accomplished some prestigious goals by taking part in fitness competitions all over the world.

HANNA's training style: Hanna is a world champion in bikini fitness competitions. Her training plans can sculpt individual parts of the body like no other. Hanna attaches great importance to correct proportion; in her workouts you will find a potion for a beautiful and firm body.

Pick Hanna if you:

  • Want to tone your body
  • Want to increase strength
  • Want to have fun

Rafal Wieczorowsk

Coach of the Year Shape Magazine (2016)

3rd Karate World Championships

Multiple-time Polish Kumite Champion

RAFAL'S training style: As a karate world champion, Rafal has developed his own unique training plans used by women and men around the globe. Rafal attaches great importance to exercise technique: he does it slowly and accurately, but do not be fooled; this exact technique, which can be seen in the films, is characterized by the involvement of each muscle separately. This training is a direct path to improved body flexibility and strength.

Pick Rafal if you:

  • Want to learn technique
  • Define your body
  • Have fun

Klaudia Szczesna

Finalist of Fitness Championship

Mom of three

Klaudia is a mother of three - 11-year-old Nicolas, 6-year-old Maya, and 1-year-old Susan. Before giving birth to Nicolas, she set a goal for herself to get back in shape after each pregnancy. Realizing her success in achieving this ambitious aim after such a short period of time, she started a blog in order to motivate other women. She was active her whole life but postnatal goals ramped up her limits and gave her the figure of her dreams.

KLAUDIA's training style: Fast intensive HIIT workouts. Those type of workouts act incredibly on metabolism (continuing to burn fat long after the training), however, they are demanding workouts. Sessions are fast and super-dynamic. To be able to follow Klaudia you need to be prepared for a really intense workout style!

Pick Klaudia if you:

  • Want a face-paced session
  • Get your body in shape
  • Have fun!

What's included:

A unique workout program tailored to your fitness level

Proven techniques to get real results

1000's of hours of workout videos

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